New HD borescope offers improved articulation to aid inspection

Video borescope users have been frustrated by difficult-to-position borescopes, wasting time on system setup, for a specific inspection tasks and therefore increasing costs. Hawkeye has invested heavily in new product development ensuring the HD Q2 video borescope now works straight out of the box for a wider range of applications.

Improved articulation aids inspection, for applications where tiny diameters or small cavities, leave little room for movement. The new Hawkeye HD Q2 has outstanding flexibility and switches seamlessly between straight ahead and side viewing, at the flick of a switch. This standard dual-view capacity reduces setup time and initial investment, as only one, rather than two scopes are required for both viewing angles.

Critically a single workstation will drive multiple image guides, so you could run both 6 and 4mm diameter image guides, for example of a single interchangeable handle, handy for repairs and servicing and a lower initial investment.

Pete Clements, managing director at Optimax said: “The demand for efficiency in all areas of production and inspection increases annually. Traditionally good quality videoscopes were expensive, to both buy and repair, with very little configurability, many individual scopes were required for complex inspection tasks. Skilled staff resources are scare and so easy-to-use, rugged products in this sector are essential for the modern inspection lab or shopfloor. The Hawkeye HD Q2 Video Borescope offers a faster return on investment, complete flexibility and faster inspection cycle time.”

Optimax is the UK sole dealer for Hawkeye and is now offering free demonstrations of this new technology.



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