New HPR400 reams like a dream

New HPR400 reams like a dream

Mapal has developed a new HPR400 reaming tool which incorporates accurate insert seats to allow users to replace the inserts instantly using a torque wrench. Incorrect insert mounting is eliminated, as only one mounting position is possible and the inserts can be fitted in any pocket.

As a result, there is no setting effort and no need to send tools for time-consuming or expensive reconditioning. Users need only have the suitable HPR400 inserts from Mapal in stock. Tool quantities are minimised as tool bodies don’t need to be reconditioned.

The HPR400 is available from 50 to 315mm diameter with either a HSK configuration or Mapal’s own module adaptor. Mapal offers indexable carbide inserts with or without CVD coating or alternately there is a Cermet and tipped line that is offered with PCD or PcBN.


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