NWP reveals first 'Hawker' undercarriage legs for Textron

AMDecember16News - North West Precision
AMDecember16News - North West Precision

North West Precision (NWP), a division of the supply chain integration company Arlington Aerospace, has revealed its first finished ‘Hawker’ undercarriage legs for American aircraft manufacturer Textron.

Originally a Hawker Siddley, the aircraft was developed into a British Aerospace 125 built in Broughton, Chester, before being bought by Textron and moved to the US 20 years ago.

With 1500 aircraft in service – and all requiring spares – NWP will be delivering approximately 5 undercarriage legs per month over the next year.

Now the first three parts are machined, treated and ready to be shipped off, this signals the end of a two-year development process for NWP. Production of the legs can begin to take flight.

Mark Franckel, Group CEO of NWP, said: “We are very pleased to have finally finished the first Hawker legs for Textron. The development team’s work has been exemplary and we look forward to fulfilling our order.”


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