A show of surprises!

AMJun19Features - paris1
AMJun19Features - paris1

Steel yourselves, catch your breath and get ready to be surprised by some of the new features that the Paris International Airshow has in store. As one of the biggest gatherings of aerospace professionals in the world, Aerospace Manufacturing hears about some of the highlights planned for this year’s event.


In terms of the value for companies exhibiting and attending, the 53rd Paris International Airshow or Salons Internationaux de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SIAE) has sold out and all the space available for exhibiting has been reserved. With 27 national pavilions, six new countries and 338 chalets reserved, these are indeed encouraging figures. The show organiser’s leitmotif is to do its utmost to ensure that its exhibitors and visitors get the very best reception.

The aerospace industry and the air transport market are enjoying very high growth rates, especially when you consider the bulging order books for commercial aircraft of the past few years. The manufacturers will be out in force during the Paris Airshow to promote the sales of their aircraft and talk about their forthcoming plans. Incidentally, the Paris Airshow is a business event that generated $150 billion dollars’ worth of contracts in 2017.

The Airshow organisers are quick to point out that there hasn’t been any scaling back by the show itself or exhibitors as a direct result of more difficult economic times, be it commercially or in any other way. Emerging nations are already highly active at the show, although their exhibitor numbers don’t match those of the other nations represented. Since the outset, one of the Paris Airshow’s strengths has been its international leaning. The event’s doors are always open for the whole world – exhibitors, visitors and official delegations – to attend the event.

Roll up, see the show!

In terms of what will be on the agenda for this year’s Paris Airshow and the kinds of aerospace manufacturing-related innovations visitors expect to see throughout the show’s halls, the Concorde Hall will set the stage for the second Paris Air Lab, which comprises 3,000m² set aside for research, innovation and future-gazing. On the menu will be cross-innovations between major groups, aerospace sector companies and start-ups, conference-debates on the future of the sector, pitches by international start-ups, and immersive experiences. For 2019, there will be a planned ‘augmented’ event with dynamic content and new topics, openings to other sectors, knowledge and adventure, openings to new audiences – influencers, media, young people, more entertainment, strengthening the experiential aspect.

Many innovations will catch the eye of visitors throughout the show’s halls

The Careers’ Plane and training area will be in full swing for young people and professionals looking for new opportunities. As you would expect, as you go around the stands, you’ll discover new technological solutions vying with each other for exhibition space.

The official delegations and VIPs who come to the Paris Airshow quite often have expectations and/or specific requirements. After identifying the topics that interest them, SIAE says its role is to organise their tours so that they match their wishes. The organiser escorts them around the show to meet the exhibiting companies that have an interest in, or can meet their requirements.

How well is the Paris event adapting to the ever-changing industry manufacturing technology needs? Essentially, it already provides answers to most challenges with large numbers of new technological solutions provided by the exhibitors, bringing together prime contractors and subcontractors and staged events, while turning the spotlight on careers. Not only that, but the new presentations for 2019 should also come up with answers for those looking to concentrate on innovation and new technological prospects.

A ticket to ride

The Paris Airshow is the show of superlatives – the biggest in the world with the most comprehensive offer, the highest concentration of aircraft, official delegations, countries represented and journalists. A plane ticket will enable you to meet the whole world at the Paris Airshow. According to SIAE, it’s one of the world’s least expensive shows for exhibitors.

It creates many tools to make the most of its participants’ budgets and enables them to achieve their aims. In particular, SIAE offers an exclusive business meetings programme and a ‘speed dating’ networking service to meet the sector’s major contract tenderers, and also conferences and expert round tables – which provide unique opportunities to broaden knowledge and discuss topics.

In conclusion, everything is laid on to ensure that exhibitors and visitors alike get the best possible experience when they come to the Paris Airshow. The show’s purpose is to serve as the best business and contact tool for its clients.



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