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Circulation by job function pie chart
  • Corporate Management (46%)
  • Production (28%)
  • Design/R&D (12%)
  • Procurement / Supply Chain (8%)
  • Other (4%)
  • Consultant (1%)
  • Education/ Governmental (1%)

Circulation by Number of Employees

Circulation by number of employees pie chart
  • 100-499 (25%)
  • 50-99 (19%)
  • 20-49 (19%)
  • 1-19 (18%)
  • 500+ (19%)

Circulation by Company Activity

Circulation by company activity pie chart
  • Components (32%)
  • General Manufacturing (24%)
  • Electronics / Systems (12%)
  • Aerostructures (11%)
  • Materials / Composites (9%)
  • Design / R&D (7%)
  • Engines (4%)
  • Governmental/Education (1%)

Circulation by Geographical Areas

Circulation by geographical area pie chart
  • UK (48%)
  • France (23%)
  • Germany (12%)
  • Rest of Europe (4%)
  • Italy (3%)
  • Americas (4%)
  • Spain & Portugal (2%)
  • Asia (2%)
  • Rest of world (2%)
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17,169 Total circulation

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10,087 Digital - Rest of Europe/Other countries

4,150 - copies distributed in tradeshows

A Pan European readership

The Aerospace Manufacturing Supply Chain

Our audited print and requested digital readership targets Pan European decision makers from all levels of the supply chain including aircraft builders through to the manufacturing supply chains of the tier one, tier two and tier three suppliers.

With an estimated €100+ billion European spend each year – build your aerospace brand and get Aerospace Manufacturing working for your business.

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*Publisher’s statement: average net circulation 17,169 (July 2019 to June 2020 digital/print circulation split)

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