Rebtech announces Kuerzi Avionics partnership

AMNovember17News - kuerzi
AMNovember17News - kuerzi

Rebtech, a company specialising in avionics night vision lighting has announced a partnership with Kuerzi Avionics of Lommis, Switzerland.

Kuerzi Avionics will perform night vision filter implementation and aircraft installations for Rebtech in Europe.

According to Rebtech president, Richard Borkowski: “This agreement allows us to provide our customers with the same high quality NVIS modifications in Europe that we provide in the US and Canada, without having to ship components and equipment across the Atlantic. It will also allow us to decrease lead times and eliminate shipping issues of delicate instruments.”

“We had to find a company who most importantly possesses the same quality technical skills as our personnel in Bedford - and who also has the same commitment and focus on customer service and support as we have. After evaluating several companies in Europe as potential partners to perform this type of work for us, Kuerzi Avionics was a clear choice given that the company encompasses all of the skills, tools and interest we sought in a partner.”

Kuerzi Avionics’ CEO, Ralf Kuerzi added: “Based on expertise from our own NVG STCs, we have the engineering and certification capabilities to offer night vision solutions in Europe. Our partnership with Rebtech allows us to provide innovative and cost‐effective solutions ranging from basic NVG filters to sophisticated light control solutions.”

Rebtech will serve as sales agent in North American for Kuerzi Avionics products, including the company’s EMS solutions.



Kuerzi Avionics

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