Sensata's new auto throttle for light jet applications

Sensata Technologies has announced its new autothrottle assembly is available for integration into aircraft cockpit controls to improve flying safety and convenience for light jet applications.

“Our autothrottle assembly greatly reduces the pilot’s workload, offering a significant safety benefit for single pilot aircraft like light jet and turboprop applications, and is now being implemented into a major manufacturer’s flagship aircraft,” explained Stuart Parker, aerospace general manager at Sensata Technologies. “This is an exciting shift in single pilot aircraft design. While this type of solution is not new for larger aircraft, it is now available for smaller light jet applications as well.”

An automatic throttle sits in the cockpit at the pilot’s side and is used to modify fuel flow to the engine, controlling engine power and thrust.  Like cruise control on a car, it allows the pilot to control an aircraft’s power settings automatically. The pilot can set the desired flight characteristics rather than manually controlling the thrust levers. In high workload situations or where the pilot may get distracted, the autothrottle can prevent the aircraft from getting into a situation that might lead to a stall and loss of control.

Sensata’s cost effective, safe and reliable cockpit autopilot solutions are based on decades of proven success in developing position sensors and cockpit controls.

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