SIFCO ASC launches new electroplating system

SIFCO ASC, a global leader in selective electroplating, has launched a new portable all-in-one plating system featuring dripless technology called the Advanced Solution Control System (ASCS).

Thanks to the system’s cutting-edge technique of non-drip selective plating, all chemical solutions flow and vacuum through the SMART tools before being recycled back into the cart’s solution management system - right at the surface of the workpiece. The result is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and inherently safer working environment.

This innovative piece of electroplating technology is also entirely portable, enabling it to be brought directly to the specific part or component. In addition to aiding throughput and productivity, the reduced ergonomic risk will offer significant safety benefits to operators and employees.

SIFCO ASC’s general manager, Nicolas Baudin, said: “By using the ASCS, technicians will quickly see a boost in safety and reduction in their process footprint – a key consideration for everyone in the industry. The system’s dripless tooling will also significantly cut exposure to fumes and chemicals as well as reduce waste thanks to the use of less masking, cover materials, and cleaning supplies.”

In addition to the clear environmental and safety benefits, the ASCS has been designed to further enhance automation. After all, selective plating is no longer strictly a manual process. By increasing automation, cycle times can be optimised, data is logged in real-time, repeatability from one technician to the next is increased, and human errors are minimised.

Two sizes of the ASCS, the Nano and Prime, are currently available. Each has been designed to further build on the existing benefits of selective plating, such as in-situ repairs and reduced masking and downtime.

Designed for basic operations of two process steps or less, the manual Nano utilises the TechnoPlate with its removable controller, allowing technicians to continuously monitor the amps and volts without ever having to turn around. Recommended applications include anodizing, zinc-nickel, cadmium, and passivation.

An expansion of the Nano, the Prime is suited to more complex applications and can hold up to nine different plating solutions. This fully automated system is equipped with an HMI controlled rectifier, allowing technicians to program each process step, continually monitor the operation, and log data in real-time. The cart also has a unique Cleaning-in-Place feature, which prevents the potentially harmful mixing of chemicals. Yet, despite all this functionality, the Prime still only takes up the footprint of a standard pallet.

In addition to the Nano and the Prime, SIFCO ASC has also developed a collection of SMART tools to cover a variety of geometries and contact areas, ranging from 0.07dm² (1 in2) to an incredible 1 dm² (15.5 in2). With the SMART tools, the deposit can be plated in any orientation - horizontally, vertically, and upside down with no difference in performance or result.

For a closer look at SIFCO ASC’s new Advanced Solution Control Systems join the SIFCO ASC team, May 24 at 10am for its upcoming webinar. The webinar will highlight its key benefits including safety, process consistency, waste management, and space savings. Book your place here:



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