System 3R Tooling enhances machining operations with universal compatibility

Compatible with all OEM machine brands and models, System 3R Tooling is said to effectively eliminate machine-to-machine setup time and allow for complete exploitation of manufacturing resources.

With neutral and open architecture designs, System 3R Tooling provides universal compatibility that extends to all manufacturing processes, so workpieces move from one machine to the next in single setups and without having to relocate and re-reference them. This stable and exact reference functionality also allows operators to preset parts outside of the machine. This enables minimised downtime and reduced stacked tolerances typically associated with repeated part locating and referencing.

System 3R’s concept lets users establish fixed references for all machines in the workshop by defining each workpiece’s zero point once and for all. This system converts internal setup time to external setup time, allowing machines to keep working uninterrupted as opposed to sitting idle waiting for job setup. System 3R Tooling solutions can be used for any manufacturing process from electrode manufacturing for die-sinking EDM to wire-cutting EDM, Additive Manufacturing and conventional milling.

The System 3R solution portfolio includes the Macro line of workholding chucks and the Dynafix palletisation system. The Macro line chucks are available in Standard, High Performance and Nano accuracy ratings, along with the MacroMagnum chuck variant. They feature precise reference elements made from cemented carbide or hardened ground steel that reduce setup times to a few minutes, maximize throughput and practically eliminate rejects.

Repetition accuracy for the Macro reference system ranges from 0.002 to 0.001mm with a recommended maximum workpiece weight of 50kg. This reference system is then combined with palletisation, which provides incredible accuracy as parts move from machine to machine and process to process for fully automated workholding.

System 3R Dynafix palletisation permits machining with optimal cutting data without sacrificing accuracy and quality through the use of convenient aluminium pallets with high-alloy steel reference elements and directly measurable Z-references. Dynafix is a practical, user-friendly reference system that minimizes setup times, increases machine capacity and provides the basis for automated production.

System 3R provides fast and precise pallet changing in sizes from 25mm in diameter to 400 x 400mm2 with the same basic mounting base – manually or automatically. For extreme precision, the system ensures repeatability to within 0.002mm. When using the system’s chuck adaptors, manufacturers gain access to practically every reference system in System 3R’s extensive product range.

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