Third Dimension launches T15 sensor for aero profiles

Third Dimension, manufacturers of the GapGun and Vectro precision-measurement tools, have extended their T-series line of measurement sensor with the new T15.

With its optimised field of view and high flexibility of use, the T15 sensor offers the perfect measurement tool for manufacturing.

The T15 sensor is compatible with both the hand-held GapGun or the automated Vectro devices. It measures a range of features including edge profiles, gaps, flush, welds and more, with exceptional precision and accessibility to the component.

This new sensor addresses a key challenge for metrology and quality teams in the aerospace sector who regularly need to measure small radii and make accurate measurements on turbine blades and other components with total confidence to meet precision, safety and efficiency requirements. 

Francois Froment, CEO at Third Dimension, said: “We are delighted to be bringing this high precision sensor to market to start the year. Working closely with our distributors and customers we know that we have created a solution which meets their high precision metrology needs, including enhancing their Industry 4.0 strategies.

“Whether for aerospace structure or engines, ensuring these fine tolerances through accurate measurement is essential, and in the past has been a labour-intensive activity for metrologists. The T15, which integrates easily with GapGun and Vectro, will help change this."

An aerospace OEM and a Third Dimension customer who took part in T15 trials, said: “It is quick to capture data with the T15 and repeatable, as well as easy to use. The T15 can accurately measure even the smallest and most challenging of radii, including concave measurements. Even after just a short training session our operators were able to use the tool effectively."

The T15 is highly adaptable and comes in two versions: the ‘V’ Universal sensor which can measure a range of surfaces from bright finish to the very darkest paints and carbon surfaces, and the ‘M’ Metallic sensor for measuring bright machined metal, turbine components and highly reflective surfaces."

Third Dimension will be exhibiting at Control 2023, the leading industrial quality assurance event in Stuttgart from 9-12 May. To book a meeting with the Third Dimension team at Control 2023, email




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