Time to think big!

Alan Dunbar
Alan Dunbar

Alan Dunbar, group business development director of global aero engines rings and casings specialist, Bromford Group is thinking big in tomorrow’s aerospace manufacturing marketplace.

The aero engine sector demand for advanced manufacturing gives the opportunity for supply chains to expand and embrace new digital trends. Key drivers for the growth include the increased demand for enduring, fuel-efficient aircraft and the rising number of passengers. The global aircraft engine market has increased significantly in recent years and is expected to grow 5.3% more by 2025.

Bromford Industries, a rings and casings specialist in the aero engines sector, has announced a recent acquisition of another major component manufacturer – AeroCision, facilitated by Liberty Hall Capital Partners. AeroCision has facilities in Connecticut, USA and an AS9100 Rev C certified Indo-American joint venture factory based in Bangalore, India.

The secret behind AeroCision India is the same world-class approach behind AeroCision USA. The combination of highly-skilled personnel coupled with proven OEM-grade ERP based quality and production systems. The result is 100% quality, 100% delivery and best cost for OEMs. The acquisition fully reflects the current aero engine market sourcing strategy and supports the industry ramp-up, whilst leveraging the competitiveness of emerging market countries.

With sites in the UK, USA and India, Bromford Group is now a secure strategic supplier to its customers globally. Utilising all the benefits from the global exposure and AeroCision’s excellence, Bromford is on a significant growth trajectory, without compromising on quality. High-speed production technology and engineering expertise are the main pillars in Bromford’s strategy. In addition to its geographic diversification, the company builds on its ring specialist reputation with a significant amount of investment in the latest technology in robotics, flexible manufacturing systems, lasers and factory monitoring software.

<Strengthening relationships>

Bromford’s success is reflected in strong relationships and co-working with OEM customers, on flagship engine and aircraft programs, while being led by a leadership which embodies Bromford Group’s vision for success. Aero engine OEMs, such as Rolls-Royce and Safran, are experiencing the industry ramp-up and the pressure from successful and market leading engine programmes, which then reflects throughout the supply chain. Supply chain executives in the aero engine industry are primarily concerned with being able to support volumes, which vastly exceed established industry norms, whilst concurrently maximising the utilisation of assets. Volume, however, must be considered via the means by which the business plans for profitability, market share, return on invested capital or other return on investments that are measured. With a good understanding of its customers’ position, Bromford works collaboratively with the supply chain executives to meet their targets and exceed expectations in the entire sphere of customer relationships.

Utilising the two new AeroCision sites, Bromford has already developed a strategy on how to operate with speed and agility to drive value for its customers, whilst providing a support and collaborative structure to ensure continuous improvement and constant drive towards efficiency and competitiveness.

The global aerospace market is currently enjoying a ‘Super-bubble’ of growth, which industry analysts believe will sustain well into the next decade. Bromford Group is positioned and continually evolving to meet the growing needs of our customers, spearheading the response to the challenges faced by today’s aerospace supply chain.


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