Toolholders the key for precision aerospace machining

Toolholders the key for precision aerospace machining
Toolholders the key for precision aerospace machining

The ability to machine in challenging aerospace specification metals and composites combining precision and repeatability with the capability to cope with heavy duty cutting such as pocketing is essential in aerospace machining.

Gewefa has recently introduced its ‘Venturi' toolholding concept which is a high security toolholding system. ‘Venturi' is a universal tool clamping solution that incorporates safety and adjustment features from three of its proven toolholding designs plus a unique through-coolant capability. It has been developed primarily for aerospace applications where arduous, precision machining is becoming increasingly commonplace. By combining the established features of a hydraulic toolholder with ultra-safe Gewefa Securlok clamping, the side accessed precision Radax adjuster and now the coolant feature, Gewefa believes it has created a truly unique combination. Well established features of hydraulic tool clamping include vibration damping and 100% tool shank gripping concentricity. The proven mechanical fail safe Securlok whistle notch (DIN 1835 Form E) cutter grip design complements the hydraulic features with the side clamping mechanism making it ideal for general and heavy duty milling operations in titanium, composites and ISO S rated materials. The Radax features enable high precision pre-setting – even on the machine – using an externally accessible worm gear mechanism which is now complemented by the new Venturi cooling. This offers coolant from two sources - one directed along the tool shank with a second flow via angled jets incorporated into the front of the tool clamping bore. Gewefa also represents the Swiss Pibomulti company in the UK and they have also recently introduced a new product suited to aerospace. The range of innovative, high performance angle head tools from Pibomulti is a slim line head particularly suited to machining in inaccessible pockets or hard to access areas such those encountered in aircraft wing structure machining. So precise yet slim line is the angle head design that if required it can be positioned to drill a structure with just 1mm clearance between the edge of the drill hole circumference and a right angle edge of the profile while avoiding deflection and maintaining full machining power.  

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