Tork exelCLEAN helps aircraft get back in the air faster

AMApr17Product - torx
AMApr17Product - torx

Tork, a global provider of professional hygiene products and services, has launched its exelCLEAN cleaning cloth range to make aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul work more efficient than ever before.

Many MRO tasks require wiping and cleaning, and technicians must do this work manually, typically using rags. Due to the poor performance of rags, technicians could spend too much time and effort on wiping and cleaning, instead of value-adding tasks. This traditional wiping solution is flawed, failing to make efficient use of technicians’ time and adding time to the service schedule.

Further time is wasted sorting and choosing mixed rags, with a lack of dispensers meaning cleaning supplies are not close to hand. Rags also clutter the workplace, can be unhygienic, unsafe and soaked in chemicals that could evaporate into the air, exposing technicians to even more chemical emissions.

Implementing modern tools for cleaning and wiping such as Tork’s industrial cleaning wipes could improve this issue, saving valuable maintenance time and improving the health and safety of technicians. Tork’s exelCLEAN cleaning cloth is the next generation of cleaning tools and is non-woven product refined to improve high-performance durability, decreasing cleaning time by 30%.

A number of Tork’s cleaning solutions meet the Boeing Manufacturing Standard BMS 15-5G for wipers and cloths, demonstrating how the products can be used with a variety of chemicals and solvents. The strength and performance of items within the Tork range is highlighted with compliance to AMS 3819C, where different physical elements of the product, including weight and absorption, are tested. Users looking for products with antistatic properties can be reassured that the Tork assortment includes products that are electrostatic discharge approved.

Other qualities include an efficient dispensing system: the product can be placed safely and conveniently in key locations around the workplace, reducing worker downtime and increasing worker satisfaction as the job can be completed quicker. Using the exelCLEAN enables individuals to work smarter and safer.



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