United States Air Force selects PTC to optimise its supply chain

There’s no moving around this cabin: Aviano teams secure cargo
There’s no moving around this cabin: Aviano teams secure cargo

PTC has announced that the United States Air Force (USAF) has selected the PTC Service Parts Management (SPM) SaaS solution to deliver integrated supply chain planning and enhance weapon systems support at Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) locations around the globe.

PTC SPM SaaS is part of the Servigistics suite of Service Lifecycle Management solutions.

The USAF is highly respected for managing one of the most complex supply chains in the world with over 5,000 aircraft, 650,000 items, and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across a global theatre of operations. PTC Service Parts Management, delivered as a SaaS model, will enable the USAF to more efficiently manage its supply chain, as well as improve the inventory performance of its operations.

PTC Service Parts Management SaaS will enable the USAF to improve demand forecast accuracy, reduce planning workload, implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability, achieve near real-time supply chain metrics, improve logistics cost estimation, and optimise aircraft availability by location. By leveraging the solution in the PTC Cloud, the USAF will be able to collaborate and share information in a safe and reliable DoD compliant environment. The scalable Service Parts Management SaaS solution was built leveraging years of experience in the aerospace and defence industry.

The solution will enable the USAF to improve warfighter support through agile and integrated planning processes across the following capabilities:

  • Demand planning to generate independent (unscheduled) and dependent (scheduled) forecasts, including the expert selection of forecasting algorithms, and the application of causal factors such as flying hours.

  • Inventory Optimisation to achieve specified weapon system availability while simultaneously minimizing inventory investment and adhering to financial constraints, combining readiness based sparing (RBS) principles, aircraft uptime, and fill rate optimisation along with other business rules.

  • Supply planning capabilities to produce a supply and distribution plan to correlate repair, purchase, and (re)distribution orders with current or future demands. Distribution planning aligns assets to support weapon system availability and to proactively manage material shortages at maintenance/operating locations.

  • Exception management with robust error reporting and event management capabilities to alert users to pertinent information, and make autonomous recommendations to reconcile exceptions within discrete planner work queues for demand planning, inventory optimisation and supply planning.

  • Performance Management capabilities with analytics, data stratification, metrics, reporting, and dash-boarding capabilities to support root-cause and what-if analyses.

“The USAF has one of the largest, most complex supply chains in the world,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “We are honoured that PTC technology will be supporting the USAF as they modernise their highly respected logistics infrastructure.”




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