WEAF announces first Virtual Hydrogen Summit

AMNov20News - weaf
AMNov20News - weaf

The West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) has announced it is to launch its first Virtual Hydrogen Summit.

Within the UK there is a growing focus on the development of Green technologies. WEAF says it has recognised the potential of hydrogen as a catalyst for the development of a new industrial ecosystem which brings together the design, test and manufacturing expertise of the region.

Join WEAF’s digital hydrogen summit to gain an overview of the sector and explore the opportunities it may bring to the UK’s aerospace and advanced engineering supply chain.

The virtual three-day summit with cover the development of the green hydrogen roadmap and bring together stakeholders, authorities and businesses to develop and deploy hydrogen fuel projects across the region. The event will also cover policy, hydrogen supply, research and development, infrastructure and hydrogen demand.

WEAF CEO, Colin Tuner

WEAF CEO, Colin Tuner commented: “The challenges of climate change will bring opportunities for industry to develop new innovative technologies. WEAF’s first virtual summit will concentrate on the potential use of Hydrogen in future aerospace and transportation sectors. By attending, companies will be able to hear from experts from the field and gain knowledge of this exciting area of development.”

WEAF would like to welcome all key market players and top managements to join the discussion on greener energy production and a zero-emission future. The event will be moderated by Paul Perera - ex GKN VP Technology and WEAF CEO Colin Turner.

Please note that at this stage the agenda is subject to change as speakers and topics are still being developed and confirmed by the WEAF team.

Held between 2–4 February 2021 from 09:30–14:00, bookings open on 1st December 2020 and can be made online via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/weaf-virtual-hydrogen-summit-tickets-128604263815





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