Aertec Solutions leads new European R&D project

AMFeb18News - aertec
AMFeb18News - aertec

Aertec Solutions says it is participating as a Core Partner in the Clean Sky 2 Programme within the consortium set up to carry out the PASSARO (caPAbilities for innovative Structural and functional teSting of AeROstructures) project.

Clean Sky is the most significant European research programme aimed at developing technology to reduce the CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. This programme also envisages the development of technologies to improve the aeronautical industry’s competitiveness.

PASSARO is part of a set of projects focused on developing an integrated technology demonstration (ITD) for aerostructures and, in this case, the goal is to enhance high versatility and cost efficiency. Aertec Solutions will contribute to this enhancement through innovations in manufacturing technologies by focusing on the technologies associated to on-ground functional tests for aircraft.

The different work packages Aertec Solutions is participating in will to a great extent make use of information technologies in relation to both software and hardware devices based on the intensive digitising of testing processes to boost these processes’ current degree of automation. Within this context and closely linked to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), concepts such as the following come into play:

  • Connectivity: the key element to ensure access to the information managed by the information systems used throughout a product’s lifecycle.

  • Interoperability: in order to enable the coexistence of commercial off-the-shelf information systems with tailored Information systems.

  • Sensorisation: needed to gain access to the data generated by all the resources involved in the aircraft production process.

Having a connected, interoperable and sensorised production infrastructure available will allow the data and information generated to be exploited through data mining techniques. PASSARO will also look into cloud computing technology to increase speed and efficiency in the use of production process resources. The development of technologies to boost workers’ efficiency is another aspect PASSARO will tackle. In this case, wearables, virtual and augmented reality glasses and the use of artificial vision techniques and robotics will also contribute to increasing automation levels with a view to attaining Clean Sky 2’s targets.

PASSARO was promoted by AeroCluster Portugal with a view to creating a network of integrated, complementary competencies to develop smart, multifunctional aerostructures for the future at a European-wide level. Caetano Aeronautic, ISQ, INEGI and Aertec are this consortium’s major players, which is supplemented by third-party companies, including: Critical Materials, Alma Design, CEIIA, EDISOFT, TEKEVER, GMV and OPTIMAL



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