Advancing eVTOL with additive

Ed Hill talks to Erik de Seeuw, market manager manufacturing at additive manufacturing experts Materialise and Balazs Kerulo, chief engineer at LIFT Aircraft, about the development of the HEXA eVTOL, a single-seat, semi-autonomous personal aerial vehicle.
3 weeks ago Features

At the forefront of machining

According to Modig, the company’s CNC machine tools address the customers’ core challenges and provide clear competitive advantages when it comes to wing component machining.
3 weeks ago Features

Never lose the spark

According to Dr Filomeno Martina, CEO and co-founder of WAAM3D, 2022 has been the year the company has elevated itself to become a game-changer in the aerospace sector.
3 weeks ago Features

Flycycle takes to the air

The ability to fly can give us access to unparalleled freedom and adventure. Flycycle, a ‘roadable’ microlight, is all set to create the magic of flying that has captured our imagination since the dawn of time. Ian Parker reports.
3 weeks ago Features

Seeing is solving

If you are looking to carry out reliable and efficient aircraft engine inspection, Evident Scientific provides its videoscope guide to improve the accuracy of blade tip clearance inspection. Aerospace Manufacturing reports.
3 weeks ago Features

New levels of tool management

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘real and present danger’ could have been describing foreign object damage (FOD), though they no doubt had national security in mind.
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A complete solutions provider

For every problem there is a solution. Working hand in hand with its customers, GF Machining Solutions’ aerospace segment manager, Alejandro de Quero Cordero reveals how relationships form a key pillar of the company.
3 weeks ago Features

A new era for metal powders

In this Q&A article Dr Ian Mellor, managing director of Metalysis, discusses the company’s development of new complex metal powder alloys that offer significant material characteristics for the latest aerospace applications.
3 weeks ago Features

Editor's comment: Show don't tell

Imagine working in a huge factory for years and not know what the thousands of components you’ve been making during that time actually do in the grand scheme of things. How do they all fit together and what is the end result?
3 weeks ago Features

Taking control of technology

Electronics and engine control system specialists, MBE Systems’ accreditation of DO178-C makes it one of only a few SMEs supplying electronics to the US defence industry. Aerospace Manufacturing reports.
3 weeks ago Features

True greatness is T-shaped!

The long-term partnership between US manufacturer, Metalex Manufacturing of Ohio and the Starrag Group has resulted in the installation of the company’s fourth Starrag machine, a large-capacity Droop+Rein T 6-axis portal-type machining centre.
1 month ago Features

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