Editor's comment: Here, now – and tomorrow

Hello and welcome to our first International Innovation Review special edition of Aerospace Manufacturing. This digital-only publication looks back at the most interesting stories we’ve published throughout 2023 – groundbreaking feats of engineering that highlight the most cutting-edge technological innovations within our industry.
2 days ago Features

International Innovation Review: Change we must

Consultant, spokesperson and all-round aerospace industry bellwether, Neil Calder, director of Engineered Capabilities casts a look over the major developments that took place in the aerospace industry during 2023.
2 days ago Features

International Innovation Review: Automate to innovate

Q5D’s chief marketing officer, Simon Baggott used the June 2023 edition of Aerospace Manufacturing to explain how evaluation studies can help demonstrate the aerospace benefits of automating wire harness integration in additive manufacturing.
2 days ago Features

International Innovation Review: Taking a load off your mind

Back in July, Ed Hill caught up with BAE Systems’ Dr Jacob Greene and Chris Forrest to hear about the development of so called ‘haptic’ or tactile technology which improves prompts for pilots during complex and stressful combat situations to mitigate cognitive overload.
2 days ago Features

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