The perfect package

Subcontract manufacturer, RE Thompson’s plans for its manufacturing facility and implementing the correct CAM system were seen as critical decisions requiring due diligence, so it turned to Open Mind’s hyperMILL package.
5 days ago Features

Bringing the smart factory to life

A company that prides itself on investing in state-of-the-art technology has transformed its workshop with iSMART Factory solutions from Yamazaki Mazak, providing a digitalised Industry 4.0 network connecting all of its machines.
5 days ago Features

Stay in touch with innovation

The pandemic’s impact on the airline industry has been dramatic and highly disruptive. Here, Southco reveals how its touch point solutions help improve aircraft interiors.
5 days ago Features

Additive and the future of rotary

While additive manufacturing has been part of the aerospace industry for over 20 years, the processes, technologies and materials are reaching an important point of maturity.
6 days ago Features

3D-printed parts go hypersonic!

A team of researchers at Purdue University explain how they use Velo3D’s additive-manufactured injector components to create Mach 6 conditions for a ground-testing facility.
3 weeks ago Features

Why this is the year of CNC automation

With the introduction of new and more efficient ways of using CNC automation, ANCA’s AIMS product manager, Jan Irzyk reckons this is the year the technology has finally reached maturity.
2 months ago Features

Geared to perfection

OTEC’s breakthrough on the superfinishing of high loaded gears brings big cost savings into aerospace production.
2 months ago Features

The past, present and future

Aziz Tahiri, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s vice-president of Global Aerospace and Defence looks at the past, present and future of aerospace manufacturing.
2 months ago Features

The fantastic four!

Starrag says its four-machine flexible manufacturing system (FMS) will allow aerospace customers to cost-effectively meet rising demand.
2 months ago Features

From CAD to casting

DDM Digital Foundry combines ceramic 3D printing technology with traditional casting techniques to create high value turbine parts, while reducing both the cost and lead-time to full production. Aerospace Manufacturing reports.
2 months ago Features

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