Quality excellence comes as standard – if you approach it properly

What stops suppliers and OEMs from fully embedding proven aerospace quality standards and reaping the rewards? If you’ve operated on both sides of the corporate fence then you start to see common traps and pitfalls. Andrea Goddard, senior consultant at leading training provider, SMMT Industry Forum reports.
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3D printing helps CubeSat get to orbit

3D printed components were manufactured by CRP USA for the Portland State Aerospace Society’s OreSat0 CubeSat, Oregon’s first satellite, deployed into low earth orbit in March 2021 and successfully operating since then.
3 weeks ago Features

Advancing women in aerospace

With International Women’s Day taking place on Wednesday, two senior managers at BAE Systems have been discussing how more women can get involved in the aerospace manufacturing industry and engineering in general through studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects.
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The hole kit and caboodle

Producing complex turbine components for aero engines, ELE Advanced Technologies has developed novel cooling hole technology to improve engine performance.
1 month ago Features

We’re here to transform air travel

Set to make all-electric flight a reality by offering geared and direct-drive electric propulsion and battery solutions, Evolito is revolutionising electric air transportation. In a Q&A session, Evolito’s CEO, Chris Harris reveals more.
1 month ago Features

Keep moving, stay sharp!

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Europe (KSPTE), a leading manufacturer of high performance carbide cutting tools, provides its insights into the re-emergence of the aerospace industry and the increasing demand for high quality tooling solutions.
1 month ago Features

Through thick and thin

Fooke has specially developed a turnkey milling method to produce specific wall-thickness sheet material that doesn’t require the use of massive amounts of chemicals - and reduces the processing time to a fraction.
1 month ago Features

Tooling in the ascendency

In a Q&A session, Aerospace Manufacturing hears the latest news from Ascent Aerospace on the company’s large-scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) capabilities and HyVarC tooling solutions.
1 month ago Features

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