Airbus wins US Army helicopter logistics support contract

Airbus has signed a follow-on Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contract with the US Army to provide spare parts, material, and engineering support for the service’s entire UH-72A and UH-72 B Lakota fleet of 482 utility and training helicopters.
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Dextera: an ideal shopfloor partner

Dextera from Optimax offers a production ready CMM for use on the shopfloor. The product is fitted with Cobot-based auto loading, “Seek & Find” component sensor, random part location and pickup.
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The new dimension of performance in 4 and 5 axes

Discover the new generation of our H and HF machining centres.

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Heller solutions: Knowing how it's done

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M&E Week organisers unveil new skills survey

A recent study from tradeshow organisers Nineteen Group carried out for its forthcoming Manufacturing & Engineering Week event has shown that 78% of UK industrial companies are finding it either harder or much more complex than usual to find the employees they need.
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Farsound boosts profit with help from Descartes e-customs solution

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has helped Farsound Aviation, a prominent service provider for the world’s aerospace industry, to improve its profitability by automating compliance with UK/EU customs regulations with the Descartes e-Customs filing solution.
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Collaboration in the supply chain

Annette Weekes, managing director of Lancashire-based PDS Engineering Group says collaboration in the supply chain is critical to developing a robust aerospace manufacturing sector for the future.
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Qualified, Compliant Hermetic Connectors for Harsh Environments

When thousands of connectors are needed for a single aircraft, our products can suddenly become a big player in your supply chain. At Sealtron, we make qualified, compliant hermetic connectors for extreme environments, like aerospace, in extremely large volumes.

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In great demand

According to management consultancy Vendigital’s director and aerospace sector specialist, Paul Adams unpredictable demand for wide-body aircraft demands a cost-centric response.
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Setting science in motion

When it comes to choosing fluorosilicones, NuSil’s applications engineer, Michelle Velderrain outlines the key considerations for mission-critical aerospace applications.
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Raising gear production efficiency

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how Horn’s skiving tools more than halves gear teeth machining times and reduces overall production time by nearly two-thirds.
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