Sustainable Skies World Summit to drive Net Zero

The Sustainable Skies World Summit returns to showcase and support the industry’s efforts towards meeting its net zero commitment, now given further impetus by the adoption by world governments of an aspirational net zero goal for aviation at the ICAO Assembly in October.
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Leonardo and SMEs on Destination Net Zero journey together

As part of Leonardo’s “Social Value” series, the company hosted the workshop “Destination Net Zero, Leonardo and Small Medium Enterprises working together on the journey” led by SWMAS (South West Manufacturing Advisory Service) at the iAero Centre in Yeovil, Somerset.
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Hexagon introduces new Elements simulation software

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has introduced Elements, new simulation software that helps engineering teams understand the behaviour of systems that are becoming increasingly complex in modern products.
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Airbus reveals hydrogen-powered zero-emission engine

Airbus has revealed that it is developing a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine. The propulsion system is being considered as one of the potential solutions to equip its zero-emission aircraft that will enter service by 2035.
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