Altair launches brand refresh

Altair has announced a refresh of its Altair brand. The brand refresh was conducted to more accurately reflect Altair’s position as a solutions-based company that empowers innovation while evolving for sustainable growth.

It strategically reflects Altair’s leadership position in the convergence of simulation-driven design with data analytics, while leveraging high-performance computing and the cloud.

The new brand with the mantra “Only Forward,” demonstrates that Altair continually looks to the future creating technologies and solutions that are ahead of their time—enabling clients to design and deliver next-generation advancements.

“Our new brand was created to reflect the history of Altair, its culture, people and technology, as well as its future. It is was created after deep exploration fuelled by hours of industry research, in-depth interviews, and surveys taken from employees and more than 800 customers worldwide,” said Amy Messano, chief marketing officer. “We discovered a true rarity – that the perception of Altair and understanding of its culture and values was aligned among all audiences – from all levels of our team to our customers across the globe. This is unheard of, and this new brand is a celebration of that unique brand value.”

What remains the same is Altair’s vision: to transform customer decision making with simulation, data analytics, and high-performance computing.

The new brand further reinforces Altair’s four key values which were established nearly 35 years ago. These are rooted in the foundation of the company and who Altair is today:

  • Envision the future

  • Seek technology and business “firsts”

  • Communicate honestly and broadly

  • Embrace diversity and take risks

“I am thrilled to see Altair’s new brand come to life as it perfectly embodies the essence of who we are. As Altair helps accelerate the pace of innovation and drive human progress, we are always looking forward to the future,” said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer. “Altairians are driven by curiosity and a deep desire to look beyond the horizon for new insights, ideas and possibilities, for ourselves and our customers. As our new brand captures and communicates the essence of our DNA, our brand will reinforce our mission and message for a new generation of customers.”

Altair’s new brand has launched globally and can be seen online at It can also be seen in Altair’s social media activity through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, as well as offline at industry events and Altair offices worldwide.




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