AMF unveils a new, flexible, modular screw jack

AMOct20Products - amf
AMOct20Products - amf

AMF presents a flexible, modular screw jack. Various elements can be assembled securely up to the required height in order to fix large and medium-sized components in T-slots and grid plates. The burnished modules made of tempered steel are reliably connected with a threaded ring and allow great flexibility during assembly.

The modules are inserted into T-slots and on grid plates by means of screwed-in base elements. At the top of the vice, a spindle with a trapezoidal thread ensures that it is adapted to the workpiece.

The manufacturer covers a wide range of applications with a starter kit consisting of ten parts. This includes a screw jack element with a base element, a small and medium spacer element, three M16, M20, M24 thread adapters, three T-nuts for groove 18, 22, 28 as well as an insertion tool. Additional intermediate elements make heights of up to a maximum of 1,620mm possible. The permissible supporting force is 60kN.



Andreas Maier

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