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The profound effects of manufacturing globalisation mean that the aerospace industry must continue to expand its horizons and the major protagonists in the supply chain work harder than ever to ensure that their corporate messages are seen by the right people. But, where do they start?

Well, unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last few months it won’t have escaped your attention that the 52nd International Paris Airshow is almost upon us. Once again, for many seasoned travellers it will be a case of planes, trains and automobiles - and endless amounts of queuing. Will it all be worthwhile? Or will it look good from afar, but be far from good?

Free of recessionary shackles, Le Bourget’s organisers will always be optimistic that the event still carries the same weight in attracting the top companies. They understand that whilst any crisis can sometimes spell danger, it also presents opportunity and that ultimately, everything is cyclical. Yes, there will always be some hard times, but in the end the show’s successes will prevail.

And airshows like Paris will continue to promote success by way of the announcements for orders that take place throughout the halls – many of which will hopefully generate business for everyone connected with this global industry. After all, where else in the world can the sector’s major players be brought together as a captive audience in one week and under one roof?

Regardless of whether your company is a major OEM or a SME, walk around Le Bourget’s bustling halls this year and at its very heart you’ll find a band of committed people attending and exhibiting for the sole purpose of networking, forming partnerships and doing business.

Mike Richardson, editor


Paris Air Show

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