Avio Commerciale announces Nano-Tech strategic partnership

Avio Commerciale, part of Losi Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Nano-Tech of Italy starting November 2021.

Losi Group and Nano-Tech are joining forces to present new advanced composite materials to the market, combining Losi Group’s market and sales know-how with Nano-Tech's industry-leading R&D and cutting-edge production capabilities.

Initially, the partnership will revolve around the introduction and promotion of Nano-Tech products to different market segments with a focus on potential new qualification processes in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport, marine industries. Going forward with the collaboration, the companies also agree to develop tailor-made solutions for the final customers.

“Losi Group and Nano-Tech partnership is a powerful combination,” stated Andrea Losi, Losi Group’s sales director. “Nano-Tech’s superior quality prepregs and technical capabilities combined with our deep knowledge of the market and applications will help us to expand our business capabilities in the composite market globally.”

Clemente Letizia, Nano-Tech’s COO and sales director, added: “This exciting partnership will benefit both partners to bring a higher value to our customers. We believe that this strategic partnership with Losi Group will help us reach new markets and introduce our product portfolio. The target is the composite part manufacturers and OEMs who want improve their products.”



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