Carter enjoys success at HAI HELI-EXPO event

Acknowledged as the World’s largest vertical aviation conference and trade show, HAI HELI-EXPO 2024 provided precision bearing specialists Carter Manufacturing a perfect opportunity to exhibit its extensive range of aerospace bearing installation, removal and testing tools, along with PMA bearing options.

Staged at the Convention Centre in California, Carter says it exploited the substantial networking opportunities thanks to the presence of 14,000 attendees, over 620 exhibitors and 125 education courses and sessions.

Carter’s presence at this annual celebration of the vertical aviation industry enabled valuable conversations with a diverse range of industry professionals and qualified international buyers from the 87 countries participating. Carter demonstrated its expertise in the PMA bearing market by displaying its range of ball, roller and needle bearings, all aligned for PMA and DER repairs. The demand for this niche service was evident with many existing and new customers being impressed with the combination of Carter’s manufacturing lead-times, technical expertise and product quality for PMA bearings.

With the continued market turbulence for aerospace bearings, many customers are opting to have Carter supply bearing reverse engineering and custom bearing manufacturing services. This allows customers to either obtain their own bearing PMA, or utilise custom bearings into their DER repairs. This can dramatically reduce price and delivery time from OEM bearings, which translates to more profit.

The event also provided opportunities to promote future aviation specific custom bearing projects such as; main turbine roller bearings, gear box roller bearings and butterfly valve ball bearings, all of which fit Carter’s technical capabilities. Additionally, the significant increase in demand occurring in the MRO industry, dictated by current global events, resulted in increased interest for Carter’s specialist aerospace bearing tool products and services including; bearing swaging, cutting, proof load testing and torque test tools.

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