Keeping one step ahead

SAMPE UK and Ireland Chapter secretary, Trevor Cook explains how the organisation can help you keep up-to-date with composite engineering.

Revolving and evolving

In the film industry, there is often talk of the latest reboot of an old classic and it would appear that the same approach is being undertaking by OEMs in the aerospace market. Ed Hill speaks to the Midlands Aerospace Alliance about new engine options.

India adds supply chain spice

Building supply chain bridges with India for the past 20 years, Jaivel Aerospace explains how it goes about operating a lean supply chain across a country getting to grips with aerospace manufacturing.

Setting the agenda for interiors

Polly Magraw, exhibition manager of Aircraft Interiors Expo provides an overview to outline what visitors can expect to see on show during this year’s event.

A level best for testing

Characterising and investigating composite material properties relies on modern equipment and the expertise of skilled materials scientists. But what types of testing do laboratories conduct and why is it so important? Aerospace Manufacturing reports.

Investment casting’s fine finish!

Sean Curley, quality manager of PI Castings explains why a fine surface finish is so important to the company’s customers, and how it can result in shorter lead-times, cost savings and superior dimensional accuracy in production.

IFEC: more than just entertainment

Panasonic Avionics’ senior director, corporate sales and marketing, Jon Norris explains how in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) offers airlines an opportunity to create a premium brand experience, plus all the revenues that come with it.