EU Automation releases obsolescence infographic

Global supplier of industrial automation parts, EU Automation, has released an infographic detailing the benefits of purchasing obsolete components as opposed to buying brand new equipment. Focusing on the financial and regulatory benefits of sourcing obsolete, the infographic is available to download from the EU Automation website.

New Airbus approval for Indestructible Paint

Indestructible Paint has announced that it has been approved by Airbus for key fire protection coating systems. The accreditation marks the latest in some 20 years of approval from many leading aerospace manufacturers and reflects, in particular, on the Birmingham-based company’s commitment to research and development.

Robotic snake plane inspection receives funding from Prince Albert legacy

The Royal Commission of the Exhibition of 1851 has awarded 10 of the UK’s most promising young doctoral engineers and scientists Industrial Fellowships worth £80,000 to help fund their projects and bring their technologies to fruition. The Commission, originally founded by Prince Albert to organise the Great Exhibition of 1851 and then use its profits to further British industry, has recognised the projects for their potential to impact health, environment and business.

Quintus high-pressure fluid cell press selected by Gulfstream Aerospace

Quintus Technologies has been selected by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, business-jet manufacturer, to provide a modern high-pressure fluid cell press. The Flexform press is destined for Gulfstream’s Mexicali, Mexico, facility, which produces wiring harnesses, sheet metal components, subassemblies, and machined parts.