Dubai Airshow

Highlights from Dubai Airshow 2023

The Dubai Airshow, which is one of the largest and most successful air shows in the world, is taking place from 13-17 November.
3 days ago

Forward looking focus for Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow has opened this year with a focus on new technologies in the aviation industry. One of the first face-to-face aerospace events being held since the start of the pandemic, the event is welcoming attendees from around the world.
2 years ago

Dubai Airshow welcomes the world

Exhibitors from around the world have praised the global reach of Dubai Airshow and welcomed it as an opportunity to build partnerships globally.
4 years ago

Dubai Airshow flying display announced

Military jets, civil aircraft and helicopters will be among the aircraft soaring above the DWC, Dubai Airshow site next week during the Dubai Airshow from 17–21 November, along with impressive aerobatic displays from some of the world’s most renowned aerial display team.
4 years ago

Saudi to show its strengths at Dubai Airshow

Saudi Arabia continues to demonstrate its growing strength in the aerospace industry with participation of its biggest players in the Dubai Airshow in November this year.
4 years ago

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