Fladder LS – perfect for deburring of extrusions like stringers

A modular built machine for deburring and edge rounding in one pass on all sides of the workpiece. Built to customers specifications – width and height up to 250 mm and any given length.

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Engineering for edges

Deburring and surface treatment specialist Ellesco takes its production process role seriously, working with manufacturers of deburring and surface treatment equipment to deliver what it describes as ‘Engineering for Edges’ and provide that finishing touch to components.
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Simple, effective crosshole deburring of complex aerospace parts

In automated machining for aerospace, removal of burrs and sharp edges in cross-drilled holes and other difficult-to-access areas such as undercuts, grooves, slots, or internal holes can be tedious and time-consuming. One particular challenge is deburring the intersection of cross-drilled holes frequently found in engine components.
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