Goodfellow helps companies facilitate industrial innovation

AMJan19News - goodfellow
AMJan19News - goodfellow

Leading global supplier of materials, Goodfellow, has collaborated with a number of major international companies to provide research materials in several industry sectors.

Case studies have now been launched on showcasing real-world examples of applications where Goodfellow have provided an array of materials either from their catalogue or as a bespoke item to aid R&D projects and prototypes.

Goodfellow has provided bespoke alloys for use by a world-leading aerospace manufacturer focused on satellites and engines. Behind some of the world’s most innovative technological developments, R&D is a key part of the company’s goal of achieving ambitious environment protection objectives. Over several years Goodfellow supplied low to medium quantities (in varying amounts of kilos) of specific types of alloys including Tungsten, Molybdenum TZM, Tantalum, Rhenium and Niobium. The materials provided have played a vital role in the development and production of the next generation of aircraft engines.

In the defence sector, wire has been provided by Goodfellow and has been applied in the development of technical devices. Around Europe components have been used for different tactical applications. The quantities of the materials used were a few kilometres of Niobium Titanium wire.

The focus within the defence sector is to use higher quality materials to ensure durability and long-term cost effectiveness. Goodfellow undertook an extensive array of tests on new products in order to guide the client towards material selection for specialised projects within the defence industry.

3D printing appears today as an exciting shaping technique in different fields. Goodfellow has an in-depth knowledge of the latest additive manufacturing processes and provides the raw materials needed for 3D printing with a high attention to detail meaning services are expertly tailored to the design, function and product life of the application.

Over the coming months, Goodfellow will continue to add to its portfolio of case studies to demonstrate how companies in a variety of different industry sectors can take advantage of its research materials’ expertise in order to facilitate their own industrial innovation.




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