HyperWorks latest features provide enhanced aerospace solution

AMAugust16News - Altair
AMAugust16News - Altair

Altair’s flagship software suite HyperWorks has released new features that improve workflows and provide what the company says is a complete framework of model building and stress analysis solutions for Aerospace.

The new tools increase efficiency for aerospace engineers in their daily tasks, including concept design, global and detailed finite element model build, post-processing and certification report generation.

Robert Yancey, Altair vice president of aerospace, commented: “This release will allow aerospace stress analysts to do their tasks in a much more efficient manner. We really focused on understanding the desired workflows and creating an environment to easily move between CAD models, CAE models and results, and external tools such as Microsoft Excel. We look forward to working with our aerospace customers to help them implement their workflows in the streamlined HyperWorks environment.”

More specifically, HyperMesh 14.0 accommodates the workflow of building concept models to global loads models and then to detailed FE models (GFEM to DFEM) based on a common CAE Master Model Organisation which can be shared easily with PLM, PDM or CAD systems. The master model approach allows for individual work groups to work on sub-assemblies. These can later be merged into the global master model. Configuration management can be used to derive model variants from the same model.

This and other new and enhanced functionalities included in the software suite have been presented to Altair’s customers in a series of webcasts now available on demand. More live sessions on Altair’s solvers will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

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