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2023 will be a year for strong growth for Kyocera SGS
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2023 will be a year for strong growth for Kyocera SGS

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Europe (KSPTE), a leading manufacturer of high performance carbide cutting tools, provides its insights into the re-emergence of the aerospace industry and the increasing demand for high quality tooling solutions.

Like many UK manufacturers 2022 was a good year of recovery for Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Europe, thanks to the re-emergence of the aerospace industry from the global pandemic and the rise in demand in both civil and defence aerospace manufacturing. Added to this the continuing need for high quality tooling in medical manufacturing and our ground-breaking developments in cutting tool technology for this market, puts the company in a very good position for growth in 2023.

The build-up of activity in the aerospace industry has brought a larger than expected upswing in demand for all the components Kyocera SGS’ tools produce, in particular airframe and engine fan disks. This has resulted in a healthy order intake and they are sure with further developments in the automotive EV markets there will be far more to come.

Hugh Welch, EU managing director of Kyocera SGS

The key drivers for tool development are extending tool life, metal removal and cycle time reduction, all of which effect component costs and workflow. By reducing cycle time and increasing tool life, which is ‘Job 1’ in saving money and improving profitability for Kyocera SGS’ customers. The company’s inhouse hardcoating team is developing innovative new coating technologies to add an extra ‘layer’ of protection to its tools, meaning less wear and more components produced.

Geometry is only one factor in being successful in cutting tools, application is also key to maximising the tool being used, plus programme paths, fixtures, tool holding, coolant, and machine capability all affect performance. By creating bespoke tooling solutions for its aerospace customers, Kyocera SGS can consider the delicate balance of specifications needed for each individual component right through to coolant pressure and tool run out. This is of the utmost importance to its process to ensure reduced vibration or chatter and increase tool performance.

Collaborate and innovate

Kyocera SGS has worked closely with many machine tool manufacturers over the years and developed strong partnerships within the industry. The overall goal of these partnerships is to further improve the company’s support for all its customers and to work in a ‘tri-partite’ model to provide solutions to complex machining challenges. Kyocera SGS’ long experience of working in partnership with its customers and fellow tooling colleagues means it can provide complete solutions for the most demanding aerospace milling projects.

Another critical element of the tool journey is traceability. The KPSTE process ensures that it knows exactly which operator made the tool, when and with which batch of raw material. This provides clear transparency of the supply chain for the company’s OEM and Tier 1 customers, giving confidence in its quality of process.

2023 is shaping up to be a year for strong growth for Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Europe, both in machine capacity and in its team, thereby futureproofing the business.

Hugh Welch, EU managing director comments: “Our people remain our most valuable asset and our clear differentiator. The skills, experience and breadth of tooling knowledge in our team is second to none. Plus, our incredible apprenticeship programme ensures the continuing transferal of skills to the next generation of KSPTE engineers.”

Looking forward into the next few years, the Kyocera SGS team anticipate large steps forward in its interactive digital customer journey. The company can already supply real-time stock checks and quotations; however, it foresees developing apps and portals to provide tooling specifications, speeds and feeds right at the machine console, instant access to inspection reports and geometric modelling. This closer, more integrated service will take Kyocera SGS’ customer experience to another level and ensure a sustainable and profitable future.


Kyocera SGS

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