Pexa helps its customers to comply with REACH

Pexa Reach
Pexa Reach

The EU REACH regulation 1907/2006 aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment by identifying, regulating and authorising the use of potentially harmful chemical substances. With the next milestone date in January 2019, REACH is now starting to have a significant impact on the availability of products containing some of the controlled substances and on how those products can be used.

Pexa, a leading supplier of coatings, surface treatment products and related materials to the aerospace and other high-tech markets, is taking a proactive approach to REACH and has launched a campaign to raise their customers' awareness and remind them of their obligations.

The company protects its customers by monitoring and selecting the products it supplies, to ensure that 100% of its product range is REACH compliant. The key aspects to this involve ensuring that substances are registered and that SVHCs (substances of very high concern) are phased out by their sunset date or, if authorised, are delivered from an authorised supply chain and that downstream users are registered with ECHA. The first important group of SVHCs falling into this scope are a number of chromate pigments used as corrosion inhibitors in surface coatings and treatments.

The campaign is to aim for the following:

  • All products sold by Pexa will contain registered substances or will be imported in quantities below the thresholds required for registration

  • All products containing non-authorised SVHCs will be phased out in advance of their sunset date and end users will be advised of the phase out with at least 6 months' notice

  • Pexa will provide a well-researched package of information to support the use of viable alternatives

  • All products containing authorised SVHCs will be sourced from authorised supply chains and products from non-authorised supply chains will not be sold beyond their sunset dates. End users will be advised of the sunset dates and their obligations

  • Customers will be advised by Pexa of the actions required to comply with the requirements of the authorisations and to register as downstream users

The supplier’s active membership of important industry associations such as the BCF and ADS means it is well informed as to the implications of REACH. Pexa ensures its trading partners are the most reputable and professional in their markets, they have expertise in managing products containing REACH affected substances and have a positive approach to product stewardship.

Pexa's customers will benefit from being downstream users of a supplier that takes a proactive approach and safeguards their processes.



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