Qualidoc announces quality management standards workshops

Quality management standards can affect all stages of contract development from request for quotation to delivery.

Held on November 23rd from 9am – 12noon or afternoon 1–4pm at Ellingborough Park Hotel, Cheltenham, Gloucester (The Royalist Room), the objective of this training programme is to prepare students and apprentices for their potential involvement in formal quality system development and its effect on their career development, productivity and understanding of their working environment.

Quality management standards covered: Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations (AS9100C), and introducing the newly-issued AS9100 REVISION D (R) Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organisations Revised 2016-09 superseding AS9100C and Quality Management Systems - Requirements (ISO9001:2015).

Training summary:

Based on selected clauses from the above standards, delegates will examine:

  • Customer Requirements (Contract Review) (special requirements, mandated parts and services)

  • Design and Development Control (Design Approval Authority, Design Review)

  • Purchasing (counterfeit parts, customer-mandated parts and subcontractors, services, Approved Suppliers List)

  • Documentation Requirements (customer-mandated requirements, Master Document List)

  • Control of Nonconformity (containment, corrective action, preventive action, insufficient root cause analysis)

Course tutor is Jean White, Qualidoc (jean@qualidoc.co.uk). Please send your questions to Jean by October 31st. All questions are welcome, but please include those arising from your review of the orientation documents sent previously, as they affect your working environment.

Orientation documents: article by Jean White - ‘Tackle Training before the Audit’ and sample documents downloaded from www.qualidoc.co.uk: Quality Policy, Quality Assurance Procedures, Quality System Internal Audit Checklist.

Questions will be addressed in the ‘Questions from Self-study’, second half of the workshops.





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