Stanley CribMaster unveils next generation tool control

AMJan18Products - stanley
AMJan18Products - stanley

The annual financial impact of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) in the aerospace industry is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars, with indirect costs often much higher than direct costs.

Stanley CribMaster, one of the leaders in industrial inventory and asset management, has strived for many years to provide aviation professionals with innovative solutions that minimise the effects of FOD.

FOD is critically important in aviation and aerospace due to material and human risks, i.e. non-compliance, production delays, incidents affecting individuals, etc. The latest generation of Stanley CribMaster’s AccuDrawer tool chests, which help manufacturers specifically reduce the risk of FOD, are the most advanced yet.

Chris Magson, European sales director for Stanley CribMaster, said: “CribMaster’s AccuDrawer streamline the process of monitoring, managing and maintaining tools and remove the need for handwritten paperwork, eliminating the risk of human error.”

The AccuDrawer combines secure storage with passive RFID technology, providing positive tool control that aids in FOD and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) compliance. Any time employees access the system, they are required to identify themselves.

“With this tool chest, CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software records in real-time when an item is taken, who takes it, and when it is returned,” added Magson. “This creates user accountability and provides the information needed to take corrective action if a tool is accidentally misplaced or lost.”

The AccuDrawer comes in two sizes of six or eight drawers, and are mounted on wheels for full mobility. This means they can be customised to the needs of each facility and can be positioned in the most convenient place of use, reducing walking times. The tool chest is designed to withstand daily use thanks to its improved strength and robustness.

Stanley CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software, installed on each Accudrawer roller cabinet, is configured according to the needs of the user. Simple and intuitive, it is operational immediately on installation and instantly detects the removals and returns of the tools.

“In the aerospace industry, accountability for every tool is critical,” concluded Magson. “Our positive tool control technology addresses this concern directly. The Accudrawer reads the RFID tags on a tool, which guarantees the tool is in the cabinet and not on the aircraft in an engine for example.”


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