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Aerospace Manufacturing hears how STG Aerospace’s Reading Light complements airlines investing in on-board connectivity.

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how the STG Aerospace Reading Light complements airlines investing in on-board connectivity.

With inflight connectivity globally trending as one of the key drivers for an airline’s day-to-day operations, airlines are rethinking their entertainment offering by removing in-flight entertainment systems and choosing to invest in connectivity, with Virgin Australia, WestJet and American Airlines being the latest carriers to do so.

The demand for the same on-ground Wi-Fi experience in the air couldn’t be greater, with IATA reporting an impressive 80% of global passengers using their mobile devices as their boarding pass during 2016 (Global Passenger Survey, 2016). American Airlines report that more than 90% of their passengers bring a device or screen on-board with them.

As the appetite for technology in the air continues to soar, so does the challenge of providing the optimal lighting environment; providing the right light for the right application. Whether it’s for the passenger who chooses to fly with their pre-loaded content on their tablet or mobile device, or for one who enjoys the airline’s selection of in-flight entertainment (IFE), or perhaps another who has purchased a new novel in duty free to read.

The need for an integrated lighting environment within the cabin has never been more important, explains Dr Lauren Fleming, senior research and development scientist at STG Aerospace: “Lighting works best when it has been tailored for the specific task in hand. The difficulty in the cabin is that there are so many different activities that the passenger can be doing, we need light which works for them all.”

STG’s liTeMood LED Reading Lights reduce glare on mobiles and tablets, enhancing the on-board reading, gaming and IFE experience

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liTeMood LED Reading Lights are the latest example of STG Aerospace’s innovative approach to Human Centric Lighting and have been designed to work with the passenger and their desired choice of in-flight entertainment. Manufactured using multi-phosphor LEDs that produce a high quality, uniform illumination area, liTeMood LED Reading Lights are proven to reduce glare on mobiles and tablets, enhancing the on-board reading, gaming and IFE experience.

With old habits dying hard and reading rated as the number one pastime on short haul flights (IATA, 2016), liTeMood LED Reading Lights provide the highest quality reading environment by producing a greater reproduction of colours, making the clarity of text and images ‘pop’ off the page due to its high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 92 and a neutral white colour (3500-4000K) which helps to aid concentration.

Asides from the obvious benefits to the passenger, the operational benefits include a dramatic improvement in reliability, by over 10 times, and offer an 80% power reduction – as enjoyed by Romania’s largest airline Blue Air and leading UK charter carrier, Titan Airways who are the latest carriers choosing to fly with liTeMood technology.

Installed in just minutes, liTeMood LED reading lights simply lock into the existing interface and use all existing controls, without the need of specialist tools or removal of the passenger service unit, meaning an entire aircraft can be retrofitted in less than two hours.

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