Walter presents Tiger.tec Gold for milling and drilling

Walter Tools has released the Tiger.tec Gold PVD grade WSP45G. The introduction of this new cutting tool material pushes the boundaries of coating technology in terms of the application, performance and the materials that customers can apply them to.

In addition to their compatibility with Xtra.tec XT, Walter BLAXX and M4000 milling cutters systems, the new Tiger.tec Gold PVD indexable inserts can also be used in Walter indexable insert drills such as the D4120. This now makes these tools not only suitable for ISO P steels but also difficult-to-cut materials from the ISO S and M material groups.

The new TiAlN-Al2O3 multilayer coating makes the WSP45G hard with additional toughness and therefore tremendously resistant to abrasive wear and high temperatures. A special mechanical post-treatment process improves resistance to thermal cracks and fracture and protects the cutting edge from micro-spalling. The light gold-coloured ZrN top-coat of the multilayer system makes it easier to detect wear and therefore, improves process reliability. Unused cutting edges are reliably identified and this makes it possible to exhaust the full potential of the indexable insert.

Potential fields of application for the new Tiger.tec Gold PVD grade include demanding machining tasks such as the cutting of heat resistant alloys and materials with difficult cutting properties.

The new Tiger.tec Gold PVD grade also excels in challenging conditions such as interrupted cutting.

In the case of milling, the new Tiger.tec Gold PVD grade is also suitable for challenging applications such as long overhang machining or the machining of parts with delicate clamping arrangements. Whilst indexable drilling, inclined entry and exit machining operations will benefit from the new grade.

Depending on the material and application, the new Tiger.tec Gold PVD grade achieves performance improvements of up to 75% in ISO P materials and average gains of 47% in ISO P, M and S materials.

So, whether it is the machining of turbochargers in cast steel, fasteners and chassis parts in titanium or components in nickel-based alloys as encountered in the automotive, energy and aerospace industries, the WSP45G grade is an ideal process improvement solution.


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