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Editor's comment: Who do we think we are?

I’m all for a bit of blue-sky thinking, but is there a chink in the way that we think? As I mop up the drops of milk I’ve spilt on the breakfast table, it’s occurred to me that whilst we’ve designed spaceships capable of giving wealthy people the ride of their life, why can’t we design a milk carton that pours properly?
2 weeks ago

Editor's comment: Worth its weight in gold?

Like an ancient alchemist trying to turn base metal to gold, today’s metallurgists are constantly striving to find that elusive chemical recipe that will produce an alloy with the kinds of mechanical properties our manufacturing industry is crying out for.
2 months ago

Bad hair day?

This month sees lockdown restrictions gradually being lifted and hairdressers being allowed to reopen for business. This is good news in terms of helping the economy getting back on its feet, but why do we need so many hairdressers in the first place?
1 year ago

Editor's comment: Lots in space

Start the countdown: Five… space tourism will soon be a reality. Four… SpaceX Nasa mission Crew Dragon capsule docks with The International Space Station. Three… Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit rocket mission hits debut snag. Two… Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites light up May’s night skies. One… spaceports move ever closer to launching first rockets from UK soil. Blast off!
1 year ago

Editor's comment: Reset your sights

One of the few positives during the lockdown period is that everyone has been given the chance to hit the reset button and take stock of their lives.
1 year ago

Editor's comment: Out of the blue

Last Sunday, I was sitting in our garden relaxing in splendid isolation during the coronavirus lockdown. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but there were quite a few aircraft flying around. I was intrigued: where were all these people, sitting a lot less than 2m apart I’ll wager, going?
1 year ago

Editor's comment: All walks of life

I’ve just returned exhausted from another Advanced Engineering show, which is unsurprising, given that the exhibitors must have thought I was wearing a track into the show floor carpet - such was the amount of times I’d walked past everyone’s stand.
2 years ago

Editor's comment: Slave to the algorithm

Our industry always needs problem-solvers for when the OEMs don’t have all the answers. And whilst it’s great to be asked for your help, the nature of work often involves some phenomenally complex solutions.  
2 years ago

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