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Staying one step ahead

With the festive frivolities now a distant memory, we’re stepping into a new year of new normality. Recent events around the world have me shaking my head in disbelief, so without setting any personal resolutions, I’m continuing my mantra of fitness, diet, healthy food and being nicer.
1 week ago

Editor's comment: Show don't tell

Imagine working in a huge factory for years and not know what the thousands of components you’ve been making during that time actually do in the grand scheme of things. How do they all fit together and what is the end result?
2 months ago

Editor's comment: Expect the unexpected

When it comes to engineering tradeshows, Advanced Engineering UK can always be relied on to offer a little bit of a lot of different manufacturing-based technologies.
3 months ago

The boy done good!

On the eve of my 60th birthday, and as a long-time editor of Aerospace Manufacturing, now would seem as good a time as any to climb upon the Final Approach soapbox and have my say.
7 months ago

A world stage awaits

As the saying goes, we all get fifteen minutes of fame. That’s one quarter hour or nine hundred seconds to grab an opportunity to show the world what you can offer.
7 months ago

Editor's comment: A world of difference

It’s a funny old world, isn’t it? After two years where our personal freedom has been somewhat constrained by the pandemic, March’s unseasonal warm Spring weather saw us being asked to stay indoors because the air pollution levels had become dangerously high.
9 months ago

Editor's comment: You heard it here last

Here’s a straw poll for all our readers to take part in: is there still the love out there for the hardcopy version of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine?
10 months ago

Editor's comment: Making all the right noises

Sometimes I really miss the productive peace and quiet of working from home during the pandemic. What I certainly do not miss is the continuous chirping of smartphone noises that regularly puncture the air at work.
11 months ago

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