Editor's comment: Best in show

I bring exciting news. Not the upcoming Paris Airshow, although that is quite exciting I suppose. No, the really exciting news is that the Richardson household will soon hear the patter of tiny feet – or should I say paws. I’m getting a puppy!

Well, my girlfriend is getting a puppy and I’m about to become a sideshow. Love me, love my dog I suppose – and the irony of all this isn’t lost on me because I’ve been working like a dog getting all the editorial pages together to support the event and help promote it.

In terms of deadlines, editors of monthly publications get everything together in a timely fashion to inform their readers what they can expect to see during the Airshow. Words and images are collated, edited, proofed, and then laid out on the pages as the issue gets bigger and bigger. Sure, it’s hard work but it’s worth it.

Let’s get some perspective here. The Paris Airshow is so large that if you look very carefully, you can actually see the curvature of the earth appearing at the far end of hall 4. It’s the biggest Airshow, period. It’s the biggest shop window for our industry to promote itself. It’s a big deal, right? Why wouldn’t you shout from the rooftops, wave the flags and bang your drum?

Packed aisles, packed stands, the Paris Airshow will be packing them in with its sheer exhibitor presence and aviation joie de vivre. Inside the halls, expect to be jostled by the throng of visitors rubbernecking to get a better view of the latest innovative products on show, whilst among the welter of warm welcomes and benevolent backslaps, old acquaintances will be renewed and new and mutually beneficial partnerships will be established.

Everyone and their dog will be there. Well, you would be barking mad not to be. On behalf of the Aerospace Manufacturing team, I look forward to seeing you at the event.

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