New Guyson automated blast products brochure


Guyson International, the UK industrial finishing equipment manufacturer, has issued a brand new automated blast products brochure.

This 12 page brochure aims to show that, as manufacturing moves to greater levels of automation, control and integration, Guyson’s range of automated blast systems are designed to fully integrate with customers’ production systems and provide the most appropriate level of automation.

Potential customers are invited to use the brochure, in conjunction with a Guyson sales engineer, to guide them in selecting the most suitable machine for their specific application.

This consultation is supported by free sample evaluation, undertaken in Guyson’s Component Finishing Centre which will validate the optimum blast media, pressure settings and machine type to fulfil the customer’s process requirements.

The brochure guides readers from the entry level semi-automatic Multiblast RSB blast system, through to the fully automatic Robotically Controlled (RB) range, introducing the necessary Guyson equipment and controls such as cyclone separators, sieve decks, dust collectors, shot peening control valves needed for supporting increasing production volumes, improved efficiency and quality – freeing up operators or reducing overhead costs.

Guyson’s extensive range of automated blast equipment starts with the Multiblast RSB, which provides automated blasting, typically when cycle time is less of a concern or multiple components need to be processed at the same time.

The RSB can be configured to suit almost any shot blasting or peening process, minimising manual intervention and providing repeatable and consistent results.

For higher throughput, Guyson offers the rotary indexing RXS400 which has two indexing blast stations enabling simultaneous loading and processing, whilst the Multiblast RXS900 achieves increased capacity provided by six or 12 spindles.

The RXS900 version can process multiple parts simultaneously, coupled with separate unloading and off-loading stations the system can support cycle times of less than 10 seconds per part.

Alternatively, if customers’ require fully robotic automation, Guyson offer the RB systems which typically consist of a 6-axis robot, with optional 7th axis machine turntable for maximum flexibility.

The new printed brochure is free to all existing and prospective customers from their Guyson Customer Service Department by phoning 01756 799911 or emailing

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