Zwick Roell UK

ZwickRoell moves headquarters to Worcester

A leading global supplier of advanced technology materials testing products, which has been operating in the UK for over 40 years, has moved its headquarters from Leominster to Worcester, occupying new, purpose-built premises.
1 year ago

Getting the best out of test

The latest composite materials constantly create new challenges for testing specialists, such as ZwickRoell. Aerospace Manufacturing hears how the company deals with these complex testing demands.
1 year ago

Testing in the additive universe

As additive manufacturing finds applications across the aerospace industry, one thing remains a constant – testing continues to play an essential role in enabling the quality management of raw materials through to completed products.
2 years ago

Intelligent testing

Global materials and component testing systems specialist, ZwickRoell examines the various solutions for materials testing for aerospace composites.
3 years ago

Finding fastener fatigue facts – fast!

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how development data obtained from High-cycle fatigue testing allows improvements in the design and durability of fastener products designed to meet tough aerospace requirements.
4 years ago

Controlling product quality with hardness testing

Producing fasteners for the aerospace and automotive industries requires a greater focus on quality and material selection to meet high performance expectations and hardness testing is often the best way of establishing that components will perform satisfactorily in their intended application.
5 years ago

Testing lends crucial support for quality management in additive manufacturing

Adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) as a viable means of production continues to increase, offering substantial advantages for the manufacture of low volume, high mix parts and complex geometries prohibitive under conventional techniques. As the scope of applications increases, demand for quality evaluations of key processes such as powder metallurgy also increases. 
5 years ago

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