Connect 2 Cleanrooms announce redeveloped responsive website


Connect 2 Cleanrooms has redeveloped its website, using the latest trends in e-commerce for its specialist range of cleaning products, equipment and furniture.

Today’s purchasing departments have high expectations of the technology they use for their purchasing and this drives a culture of constant improvement for websites, with a focus on user experience.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms have been working in partnership with a web agency in Manchester, and together they have redeveloped onto a modern website platform, making it responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices - as well as adding a raft of new features that will streamline its visitors’ experience.

The newly re-launched website allows visitors to navigate smoothly through its range - through the use of filters, product comparisons and smart search - allowing them to easily find the right product for them.

Sean Fryers, marketing manager at Connect 2 Cleanrooms, said: “Our clients require a raft of technical data to support the products they use in their cleanrooms, but they also need to be able to quickly source, compare and order products. We have been working hard to create a balance between providing the data they need, whilst improving the site’s navigation to really simplify the ordering process for our clients.”

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